Make the search process easy as pie when you have the recipe in the form of rating!

Most people rely on others for advice when it comes to seeking and finding good products or services to buy. The rest spend most of their free time interacting on websites, reading magazines like the Consumer Report to determine what product or service would be best for them, and their needs.

Online shoppers also spend a lot of their shopping time scouring through feeds of customer reviews in a bid to find a service others find favorable. Whether one is buying a book or getting a service online, reviews enlighten and make their purchases better.

Why do students buy essays online without customer reviews on essay writing company websites? The answer is simple – in order to protect the privacy of everyone involved.

Students as consumers on essay companies

Students deserve a platform where they can run to when they are buying essays online. We decided to create this platform not only to educate students about services provided by essay writing companies, but also to point them in the direction where experience is more likely to be good. By making the checking out of reviews before spending money with an essay writing company, students will improve their chances with regards to getting real professionals to do their assignments for them.

Why we review essay writing companies

A search through most student forums reveals that there are many students who are disappointed by essay writing companies they have used in the past. With patterns to show that the perpetrators of such practices are few and easy to track, we decided to start a free service where students would come and find essay writing services they would trust. We review these companies, including asking users who’ve used those companies to share about their experiences with the world. These reviews will help you discover some of the best essay writing companies on the planet.

You deserve to know everything about writing company you hire! Watch!

How it works

As an essay writing company review website, we constantly interact with people who have used essay writing services. We allow them to share their comments and ratings about them though our review collection module. When they do, our team is able to take these, and convert them to useful intelligence afterwards: rankings for the companies among peers, etc.

In addition, we also send expert service reviewers to check out the services being offered by essay companies. Through this, we are not only able to tell what a company’s technical strengths are, but also share the same with users on our platform in a summary form.